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Tired of poor quality vehicle photos and unreliable service appointments? Don’t want to update your online inventory on multiple websites? Let AutoSource of Florida take away the hassle of online inventory management!

Top Internet Departments across Florida rely on AutoSource of Florida to turn their Online Inventory into powerful Online Marketing. When the N.A.D.A. says people visit 5 stores online and only walk into 1.3 you better be sure your inventory looks its best!

Our technology is powered by HomeNet Auto’s Internet Vehicle Marketing Suite. This powerful tool is behind our professional vehicle photos, window labels, and buyer’s guides.

Powered by HomeNet Auto


Manage Inventory
Manage your online inventory from one centralized location


Inventory Distribution
Unlimited inventory distribution to any online destination


Create emotional advertisements for every vehicle


VIN Enhancement
Enhance your VINs with premium stock photos


Multimedia Upgrades
Video presentations and 360 degree walk-a-rounds


Data Conversions
Import and export data conversions


eBay Ads
eBay ad generator and IOL Auction Manager


Email Generator
Quickly create quality email ads


CARFAX Reports
CARFAX vehicle history report (requires CARFAX account)


Photo Appointments
Guaranteed weekly photo appointments


Labels & Guides
High quality, custom window labels & buyers guides


Free Trials
Free trials and distribution to various marketing partners

Pricing Analysis

Pricing Analysis Tool

Knowledge is POWER!
Compare your inventory prices to the current internet listing price of more than 2.5 million vehicles nationwide, with integrated Kelly Blue Book values. Use this new feature to see how corresponding vehicles are priced on the internet.

Expand or narrow your search by:

  • Exact trim level
  • Selling price, MSRP, or internet price
  • New or used vehicles
  • Distance from your location
  • Days in stock
  • Vehicle mileage

Pricing Analysis Tool features:

  • See the volatility of your pricing based on a ranking system
  • Fully interactive, informative and simple to use
  • Track sales trends with a 12 month history report
  • Predict future pricing changes with a vehicle depreciation graph
  • View real-time, market comparisons of your vehicles

Mobile Inventory

Manage your inventory from anywhere using an Apple Mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Our mobile inventory management allow you to be mobile on your lot while being able to:

  • Update or add a vehicle on the go
  • Capture vehicle images
  • Queuing window stickers and buyer guides
iPhone HomeNet Auto App


At AutoSource of Florida we are clear on our stance on which marketing tactics will give you the best leads – leads that actually convert to sales. The key ingredient to an increase in leads that convert to sales is Merchandising. A heightened focus on the quality and an increased effort of collecting more details, more pictures and video at a more efficient rate will create the net effect of a higher conversion ratio with your online leads.
The true ROI behind AutoSource of Florida and our services is revealed when you see the benefits of increasing your speed to the online marketplace and strengthening the quality of your online presentations. Consumers within your reach will be drawn to your products online, and even more so as you build their trust through consistency. IF YOU’RE NOT CONSISTENT YOU’RE COMPLACENT.

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About Us

Growing market share! That’s what we are about. We started assisting dealers with online sales in 2003 with one of the top dealer groups in the nation. In 2007 we partnered with Homenet Automotive which added the horsepower behind our technology. Key to our mission here at AutoSource of Florida, is that you view us as a partner, and not a vendor.

What you envision for your online presence is important to us. Key to understanding your professional and creative vision is consistent communication. Never will we show up and leave you with an invoice wondering what just happened. Instead, we work with you to accomplish your online goals and grow your market share. Your local representative is always just a phone call away, and each representative handles only a few dealerships to ensure every detail is cared for quickly.

Michael Garrison

Michael Garrison is the Founder and President
 of Lazy Palms Productions INC, a Florida-based advertising firm that specializes in photo, video and data distribution. From his Palm Coast office, Garrison oversees the daily activities in Information Technology, Dealership Relations and also provides in-field training and support. The centerpiece of Garrison’s organization is AutoSource of Florida, an automotive marketing partner. Founded in 2003, AutoSource of Florida has grown into a respected industry leader, providing web-based inventory management and marketing solutions to several high profile dealer groups in the southeast. In 2009, AutoSource of Florida pioneered mass marketing of vehicles in a true video format, allowing customers to purchase vehicles in a way previously not envisioned in a franchise environment. Garrison is regarded by many of his clients and peers as a leader in creative and effective automotive marketing.

AutoSource of Florida Office

Contact Us

Contact Us

As the founder and President of AutoSource of Florida, I’m confident that we can help your dealership and look forward to talking with you! Simply fill out the form or you call me directly at any time. – Michael Garrison 386.937.0203



Palm Coast, Florida

What We Do

We provide web-based inventory management and marketing solutions to automobile dealerships.

Our video marketing technology has been a true pioneer in the industry, allowing dealerships to reach potential buyers on a far wider and more effective scale.